Recording Dolomedes plantarius
Most historical records of D. plantarius are difficult or impossible to verify because of the frequent taxonomic confusion with the congeneric species Dolomedes fimbriatus, the only other Dolomedes species found in Europe. In addition, the cryptic colouration and behaviour of D. plantarius, combined with the difficulty of locating it among emergent aquatic vegetation, has made the recording and the assessment of its range very difficult.

Current distribution
Information coming soon!

The state of the populations
Although D. plantarius has almost certainly been under-recorded, there is no doubt that its populations have declined throughout much of its range as a result of the degradation and loss of its lowland aquatic habitat. This has prompted many European countries to red list this species.

For information on the status of the British population visit link Conservation status. Please contact us if you have recent, verified records of this species or if you can provide us with information on its conservation or statutory status in any European Country.

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