This reference list is not intended to be exhaustive but gives the references quoted in the text on other pages, plus many other key references to the literature. References are grouped under the following headings:

Distribution and conservation of D. plantarius

Dispersal and locomotion in Dolomedes species

Diet and prey-capture in Dolomedes species

Population biology of Dolomedes species

Taxonomy, systematics and genetics of the genus Dolomedes

Distribution and conservation of other Dolomedes species 

Literature on other Pisaurids

Key general references for spider identification and general biology


  Distribution and conservation of D. plantarius

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  Dispersal and locomotion in D. plantarius

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 Diet and prey-capture in Dolomedes species

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  Population biology

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 Taxonomy and Systematics of Dolomedes

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Distribution and conservation of other Dolomedes species





  Literature on other Pisaurids

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  Key general references for spider identification and general biology

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